Let's Buy Back Margaret River’s Mowen Forest

The Western Australian Government plans to log 1,610 hectares of jarrah and marri trees in Margaret River's state native Mowen forest. The Margaret River community, supported by the local Shire Council, wants to protect our forest from logging. We want to make an initial offer to the State Government of their anticipated profit of $90,000 to stop all logging in Mowen Forest. The WA Government's Forest Products Commission is currently finalising road works to begin logging in Mowen Forest any day now.

Scientific and economic analysis of the government's own figures show that logging our Mowen Forest is economically unsustainable. A profit of a miserable $90,000 is expected for logging 1,610 hectares (750 football fields) of our fragile forest which belongs to the biodiversity hotspot of the southwest region - one of only 34 hotspots in the world. The Shire of Augusta-Margaret River has 69 declared, rare and priority flora species, 28 declared threatened fauna species and 15 priority fauna species.

The Government is not taking advice of scientists, environmentalists and economists (although government representatives have not refuted our evidence) and they are not listening to us. They are not interested in facts. They have made an emotional nostalgic decision to prop up, again, the dying industry of logging native forests. This must stop now.

We have tried unsuccessfully to reason with the WA Government. Now we are raising $90,000 as a first offer to the WA Government to buy back the right of Mowen Forest to remain as it is, in peace, with a written guarantee of no logging in 2014 or in the future. Forest, for rest, for the rest of our lives!

You have three options for donating funds through Margaret River Regional Environment Centre (Inc):

  1. Donate through the Australian crowd-funding provider Chuffed, a reputable not-for-profit organisation which enhances the ability of groups like ours to raise money for worthwhile causes. Your donation will go specifically towards raising the $90,000 we need to buy back the Mowen Forest from the Government. If we are unsuccessful, your donation will be used to continue supporting the campaign for Mowen. If the campaign is successful and there are left over funds they will support other local forests in a similar crisis. When you donate through this website, you will pay Chuffed a small fee of 2% of the donation plus 30c handling fee.  

  2. Cash or bank deposit donations will go towards raising the $90,000 we need to buy back the Mowen Forest from the Government. If we are unsuccessful, donations will be used to continue supporting the campaign for Mowen. If the campaign is successful, additional funds will support other local forests in a similar crisis. If we do not raise $90,000 by 31st March 2015, donations over $100 can be refunded if requested.

    To make a donation by bank deposit, please complete the following form, and then deposit the funds in our account:

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  3. Make a pledge of over $1000: Complete the attached pledge form to make a pledge of $1000 or more. This pledge is only redeemable if the money is accepted by Government for this purpose within the campaign timeframe. Should the fundraiser not meet its objective to raise $90,000 by 31st March 2015, the pledge will lapse. You can make your pledge in person by contacting mobile: 0459 061 789, or download the pledge from our website and follow the instructions.

    Pledge: "To purchase from the Western Australian Government the right of the Mowen Forest, which is located in the South West of Western Australia, to remain as a natural forest and free from future logging in perpetuity.

Thanks from Neroli, David, Naomi, Jess, Anthony, Tracy and all the Save Mowen Forest crew. Phone: 0459 061 789