The Western Australian Government's logging agency, the Forest Products Commission, is in the process of logging 1,610 hectares of Margaret River's beautiful Mowen Forest. Logging began in 2014. This area of native forest is the same size as 750 Subiaco Ovals.

The logging of jarrah and marri trees in the Mowen Forest will affect threatened animal species such as the Forest Red-Tailed Black Cockatoo, Baudin's Cockatoo, Brush-tailed Phascogale, Orange-bellied Frog and the Quokka. Logging will also increase the forest's risk of dieback and salinity, and will threaten the Blackwood River and other parts of our delicate ecosystem. The Mowen Forest must be protected from logging.

Logging the Mowen Forest does not make economic sense. None of the logged trees will be milled or processed in the Augusta-Margaret River community. Our native forests and wildlife are significant tourist attractions, with tourism being the basis of our local economy. Analysis conducted by The WA Forest Alliance shows that 87% of the native wood logged from Western Australian forests is used for firewood, woodchips, charcoal and sawdust. Only 13% logged native wood actually becomes sawn timber - and some of that timber is then used for railway sleepers. Furthermore, the economic gains from logging are negligible. The logging industry is heavily subsidised by taxpayers. For example, the Western Australian State Government spent $158,400 to construct roads in Mowen Forest for logging.

Every remaining native forest on our planet is vital for mitigating climate change. Instead of logging the Mowen Forest, the Western Australian Government could protect the forest and earn alternative income through the sale of carbon credits.

Our community of Augusta-Margaret River has a strong relationship with our native forests. The forests are our heritage, our home and our future. The Mowen Forest has important significance to the Wardandi people, and Wardandi songlines may be destroyed with the logging of this forest. The Mowen Forest is also increasingly important for local recreation activities.

It is unsustainable on environmental, economic, social and spiritual grounds, to log the Mowen Forest. In 2015 our group raised $110,000 in pledges to buy Mowen Forest from the State Government. A cheque was offered to the Premier but he declined to accept it. We also raised more than $10,000 in funds to support protestors who faced fines after participating in non-violent direct action.

We respectfully ask the Legislative Council of Western Australia to support the protection of our native forest and cease all logging operations in Mowen Forest now and in the future.


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Where is the Save the Mowen Forest camp?  

To visit the Mowen Forest, from Margaret River, travel about 25 kilometres east along Rosa Brook/Mowen Road until you reach Great North Road. The Mowen Forest extends from Great North Road east to Sues Road and south to Crouch Road.

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